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Revive Oakland!


As a long time West Oakland resident, I have seen lots of changes. Iím ready for changes that will help put our folks to work.  As a former worker at the Army Base, I know how jobs at the Base can feed our community.
Ė Shirley Burnell at Oakland City Council meeting, April 2011

The Oakland Army Base Redevelopment: A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity to Revive the City's Economy

The former Oakland Army Base measures more than 200 football fields at the foot of the Bay Bridge.  It is also the site of one of the largest redevelopment and job-creation projects in over 50 years.  The Port of Oakland and the City of Oakland jointly own the land and are negotiating agreements with developers to transform the base into an international trade and logistics center to service the Port.  The Army Base project is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to put thousands of Oakland residents to work over the next two decades; provide business with a local skilled workforce; and rebuild an inclusive local economy where more of our neighbors have access to good jobs.

EBASE convenes Revive Oakland, a community-labor-faith coalition of 30 organizations and leaders working to secure a community jobs agreement for the redevelopment project. The Coalition seeks an enforceable agreement with the City, Port, and developer to guarantee that:

    * The community benefits from the new jobs in construction and warehousing.
    * Half of the jobs will be for Oakland residents from neighborhoods most affected by the development.
    * Stronger training will help local residents access and retain these jobs.
    * New policies will remove barriers to employment of formerly incarcerated adults.
    * All jobs will meet the existing Port and City living wage.
    * The City and Port of Oakland will restrict the use of temp agencies that undercut responsible businesses

Oaklandís unemployment rate is 17% and as high as 45% in West Oakland and 35% in East Oakland.  To create real economic recovery, Oaklanders need real investment in job training, real jobs to support our families, and real pathways for community members who have been excluded. Taxpayers will pay up to 40 cents of every dollar spent on the Army Base redevelopment. With thousands of jobs and millions of public dollars at stake, the Revive Oakland! coalition is calling for a community contract to make ensure that the project creates good jobs for Oaklanders and guarantees a return on our investment.

Contact: Kate O'Hara at kate[at]workingeastbay[dot]org

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